Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie Review - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Director David Yates explains a scene to Daniel Radcliffe & Bonnie Wright

Last night after work I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6 with a few co-workers. I have seen the last few HP movie installments at midnight (it's the principle you know?). On the grand spectrum of Harry Potter Mania I would say that I definitely lean more on the fanatic side, I was at Barnes and Noble at midnight for the last four book releases (yes and I'm not even ashamed to admit it)

I thought the movie was very well done. It is surprising how old (and tall!) all of the actors are now. Director David Yates did a phenomenal job capturing the darkness of this installation of the series. In this movie Harry and Dumbledor delve into Lord Voldermorts childhood experiences, looking to hidden clues, any weakness that might prove helpful. The movie also developed the romantic lines between Ron & Hermione, & Harry & Ginny. (The character of Lavander Brown is so the girl you love to hate!)

I have to preface what I am about to say by telling you guys that I haven't re-read HP6 since it's release in 2005. I wanted to re-read the entire series before this movie came out but work got in the way and I only got 3/4 of the way through book 5. No worries, I will finish the series before Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Vol 1 comes out.

So since it's been a while since I have read the book I was a little more fuzzy on the details and little nuances that J.K. Rowling is famous for. But I think I was able to look at the movie with a more unbiased opinion. I definately try to look at the books and the movies as two seperate things and if you do too, I think you will really enjoy the movie. Although I do agree with most of my friends that say that pivotal conversations between characters were missing which might be difficult to explain in the last movies.
We'll have to see!

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