Sunday, July 26, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite Things!

So Dana at Sweeping through Life has tagged me with 6 ways of happiness. So here we go

  • Give a shout out to the person who tagged you - Thanks Dana, the cupcakes you made look good enough to eat :-D
  • List 6 things that make you happy
  • Randomly tag 6 other people - **I will do this later because I'm tired haha**
1) Cooking - over the last year I have discovered that cooking is a really nice way for me to relax and be creative. I love creating something out of nothing (I also knit, sew, and scrapbook) and sharing it with others, cooking just seemed like a natural fit, so when I moved in with my then fiance last year I started cooking up a storm (much to his delight). I want to start baking more as well.


2) T.V. - I am addicted to certain TV shows (the reason why I got a DVR) and I really enjoy kickin' back on the couch to enjoy some Grey's Anatomy or Army Wives. I knit while I watch T.V. so I end up watching a fair amount :-)


3) Showers after a good workout - Let's be honest ladies, I really DON'T like working out, I am so not motivated. But I love the shower after a good workout, it just feels 10,000x better than a regular shower. Once we move into a bigger place I want to get a tub that I can soak in, but until that time I will just have to settle for showers :-D

yeah....I wish....

4) Pillow talk (not what you think) - Kyle and I have had countless good conversations lying next to each other in the dark before falling asleep. We joke, have pillow fights, and share secrets. It's wonderful, one of my "happiest things"


5) My Cats - my two boys make my very happy. When Zachary crawls into my lap and purrs and purrs my heart just melts. I can't ever remember my life without a cat in it. My parents have had cats forever and I have really great memories of my cats sleeping with me throughout my childhood. These two are especially cute because they are brothers, they are connected. They are rarely in seperate rooms


6) Nights in with friends/family - I really love hanging out with my friends (whether is be through a phone call or a friendly drop by. I love to share a glass of wine with my mother while we talk about life and our family. I guess I just really enjoy making emotional connections with people. I love to talk and give/recieve advice about problems.

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  1. Love your list. Some are like mine like the cooking and cupcakes. Thanks for the cupcake comment. Your pizza looks yummy.