Sunday, August 23, 2009

Experiments with the XSI - Balboa Park

I have been IN LOVE with my Canon Rebel XSI since I got it last week. Today I had the time to take it out and start shooting just for fun (and for practice). I went to Balboa Park, which is a great place next to downtown San Diego (and adjacent to the San Diego Zoo). It is a HUGE park which is home to museums, art galleries, historic buildings, botanical gardens and a large craft center. Basically it's a mecca center for the local San Diego art scene (so an obvious choice to go and shoot).

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for a half hour because I had to leave a meet a friend for lunch (never ending pasta bowls at Olive Garden YES) but I still got some pretty good pictures.

I am only using the creative modes on my camera (the modes which you control the aperture and the shutter speed) so I can learn how to take the picture (vs. the camera taking the picture). I am planing on taking an online photography class over the next month (once I get some money haha)

Paper Cranes_2
Paper Cranes on Display at one of the Craft Vendor's booths



Orchids at the Botanical Garden

I have only posted a few of my favorite photos, if you want to see all of them, please visit my Balboa Park Flickr Page.

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