Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work Weekend

Today is the "lost day" in my 2 week work cycle. Whenever I work back to back night shifts the day between only consists of about three hours. I work Saturday night, sleep Sunday during the day then get up with just enough time to eat and shower before going back to work. It's a tough cycle but at least it only happens once every 14 days.

It came to mind today that this might be my last night shift on the unit. I still don't know when I'm going to the ED but i'm pretty sure it will be in two-three weeks. There was a nasty rumor flying around that it might be even tomorrow but I figure if it was tomorrow I would know already (you would think)

Well have a great Sunday everyone (better than mine anyway)!

It's my Sister-in-Law's 18th birthday is today! I called her to say a quick happy birthday to her and she was having ice cream at the dinning hall at her college (she starts her freshmen year this week!) Picturing her in the dinning hall brought back memories of URI for me. Having awesome late night sandwiches at Hope Dining Hall (the OLD one. haha) ah college memories, URI, how I miss you....

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