Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation Week

My parents & brother made it safely through the 6 hour flight into San Diego and I picked them up from the airport around noon on Saturday. It was nice to show them my place and where I live. They were (and continue to be) very impressed with the scenery and how different the west cost is from the east. My brother is staying with me in my apartment and my parents are renting a hotel down the road. My mom was fighting a head cold but after a good night sleep this morning she felt a lot better. We spend this morning wandering around the San Diego Zoo. We had a really fun time exploring the Zoo while my family ooohh'd and ahhh'd. (Too bad I forgot to but the memory card back in my camera....gosh darn it.) oh well I will have it for the beach tomorrow and for Disney on Thursday. In the mean time I will leave some recipes for your enjoyment.

YAY for vacation and time with family!!!!!


  1. I loooove San Diego. I am so jealous that you live there! I went for my high school senior spring break (which, ahem, was already 10 years ago!) and had the most amazing time. I know I would love it even more as an adult. I especially loved the zoo - it is amazing!

  2. Glad your family made it! I always loved having my family visit when C was deployed, help make the time move faster!