Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buying a Home

I'm still here! Kyle and I have been going back and forth about his next tour, should we try to stay here? Should we move? Where should we try and go? After about a million years a month or so we have decided to try and stay in San Diego. I do like my job here (even though I am starting a plan to move to Labor and Delivery sometime after my year of ED is up in September) and we have good friends here, and if you can't be home in Little Rhody, Southern California is a damn good place to kill some time =). Now if we do get to stay here ::fingers crossed:: we want to buy a house. Now I do love our wonderful luxury apartment complex with it's 50 pools and bikini clad SDSU students who never seem to actually go to class ever, but I am sick of paying all this $$ in rent and seeing no return. Ok, so we're gonna look to buy a house.

That's where it ends..we WANT to buy a house. Doesn't mean we know a freaking thing about ANYTHING about buying a house, I know you call a Realtor, they show you some places, then at some point a large sum of money is exchanged while people sit at a big table saying big words like "escrow" and "APR Fixed mortgage." Other than that you got me.

"Your dream home, light open floor plan"

This is how I feel. My future home feels like it's just a dream, just an outline. I feel that the home for me, complete with walls I paint whatever color I want and a kitchen big enough to hold all of my cooking stuff, where we don't have to have the cat's litter box in the spare bathroom, seems so far away. I need help.

Thankfully I have a friend that recently bought a condo in the same area of San Diego that I am looking at so I e-mailed the Realtor she used tonight. Hopefully he will give us some insight into what the hell we are supposed to do.

I know some of you guys are homeowners, any tips for us as we start this process?

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