Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle,

some people are surprised by this considering I am TERRIFIED of crashing in a motorcycle.

I have been tossing around this idea for quite some time and after talking about it with a fellow friend I have decided to take the steps to get my M licence this summer, starting with a beginner course offered through the California DMV.

I will probably be the most conservative rider you will ever meet, you will never see me poppin' wheelies going 100mph on the highway (and I have seen that while driving, and it scares the sh*t out of me) I will ALWAYS wear my armored leather jacket that I WILL buy before ever going on the road (and even then it will probably take me quite sometime to get on the highway.) But I want to try it. You only live once, and if you're smart, I think it's entirely possible to have a safe time riding a motorcycle (notice that I didn't say "no crashing in a motorcycle"...I'm not stupid)

But you better believe that when I do crash I will be wearing this...awesome

Once I take the class this summer (the girl I want to take the class with is in school until May so I'm gonna have to wait for June) and I get more practice I will probably invest in a used bike to practice on. I'm kind of glad I have to wait a few months, it will give me more time to decide if I really want to pursue this as a hobby (and set aside $$ for riding protection and gear) I have herd good things about the Kawasaki Ninja 250; it's a bike designed for beginners. Here it is... yeah I have found 08' or 07' models online for a fair price, so we'll see what happens

any of you ride? have any tips for a beginner beginner like myself?


  1. oh my lord! I never imagined that this would be something you would want to do! BUT I love the idea! You go girl! and I <3 the jacket but I would like a hot full black leather jacket better. Its way sexier :)

  2. They call those things "donor cycles" for a reason...eeek. After my friends Lisa and Lenny got in a crash, and Lisa broke her tibia 3 times and had a titanium metal rod put in her leg...I said no way!