Monday, March 15, 2010

Completely Random Post

So I'm sure most of you were thinking that I was peac'ing out with last nights post. "Well we're never gonna hear from her again huh?" Well I guess what I really wanted was just to give myself the wiggle room I really wanted; to post when I wanted to, and to give myself a break when I needed to.

I had the day off today which was nice. Tonight I'm going with a good group of friends to The Stone Brewery for dinner. You know stone right?


Yes, yes you do (you arrogant bastard! if you are still lost, just google it & you'll figure it out) Anyway should be a good time.

In other news I was standing in line at Vons today buying some last minute groceries for tomorrow's yummy dinner (slow cooked pork.....delicious!) and I see this on the magazine rack...


Are you serious? Can't she leave well enough alone? Am I the only one whose outraged by this? I just about stopped obsessively following forgot about her and now this? Who is watching her children? I hope she's not leaving them with her D-Bag ex-husband. Ugh....

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  1. I totally agree! Kate needs to go home and take care of her freaking adorable babies. By the way, I switched my blog to another site. I'm now at I'm Lilo on it.