Saturday, March 6, 2010

Show us Your Life: A Typical Day

This week on Kelly Korner's Show us Your Life Series she wants us to describe our typical day. My days are COMPLETELY different based on if I'm working or not. So I'll take you through both

Work Day!

I wake up around 1 hour before I need to go in. (my hours vary, always 12 hour shifts but the start time varies between 7-10am) Alarm goes off, I hit snooze at least once. Get up, shower, scrubs, coffee & bagel. Morning news for 20 min while I eat breakfast; car, get to work with 5 min to spare.

I Walk in, punch in, get my assignment. I have three patients, bed 1, 2, 3. Bed 1 goes home, bed 2 needs pain medicine, bed 3 goes to the floor, get pain meds for 2, ambulance bring in someone to 1, clean bed 3, triage bed 1, bed 2 vomits, new patient in 3, put in orders for 1. Clean basin for 2 & ask Doc for nausea med, assess patient in 3. Chart, chart, chart. Draw blood, get urine sample, start IV in 1, Get vitals on 2 and give nausea med. Put in orders for 3, start IV in 3, pt gets short of breath during IV start, call respiratory for treatment, assess lung sounds. Bed 1 calls for help to the bathroom...

This process repeats for 12 hours, with a lunch and some breaks (if I'm lucky =)

Punch out, go home, quick sandwich or leftovers, T.V. for about an hour, decompress and pass out.

Day off!

Much more of a relaxed day, up around 8, fruit and oatmeal, get the sneaks on, running by 9. Back around 9:40, shower, change into jeans, errands, CLEAN the house. Quilt, Blog, laze around. Meal Plan, make dinners to freeze for the hubs during work nights. Make tonight's dinner. Read on the couch, play with the cats. Kyle gets home from work, Hang out, eat dinner together, laundry, movie (or LOST); in bed with book around 10:30 (or earlier if I have to work the next day).

The days I have off make the days I work more bearable (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job but it's basically go go go all day, makes for an exhausting 12 hours)

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