Sunday, September 19, 2010

Classic Pizza

So I have used the Pizza recipe over at Annie's Eats for quite awhile and I have noticed that as time goes on the pizzas become easier and easier to create. When I first looked at her blog and found out she was using fresh dough that she stretched onto a pizza peel and put into the oven herself I was a little intimidated. I mean pulling dough? pizza peels? I knew that It was pretty much a given that I would at least mess up one of those steps. I was especially nervous about the whole getting the raw pizza into the oven without messing it up completely step. I had visions of perfectly formed pizza becoming a gelatinous blob of goo after it flips over on itself when I try to put it in the oven with only a simple flick of the wrist like they do at pizza restaurants.

Well lo and behold I have never had a pizza come out like a gelatinous blob of goo (my husband did once; but here's the secret, it still tastes amazing!) and my pizzas are starting to look more and more like, well actual round, cheesy pizzas that look as amazing as they taste! Last night when Kyle took this out of the oven I was so proud of it that I had to snap a quick picture. Go and try it youself, conquor your fear of pizza peels! Shove that pizza into the oven and say 'I will NOT BE RULED BY PIZZA DOUGH! as you kick the oven closed with your foot.' Just kidding - I've never done that
no way...

Anyway go check out her website - Annie's Eats - for the pizza crust & pizza sauce recipes that I used on this pizza. Then I just topped with red & green pepper, onion and thinly sliced deli ham. Delish!

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