Friday, September 3, 2010

p90x - How to bring it!

Yesterday Kyle and I started out 90 day journey with p90x. I was super excited to start working out, my dear husband was still quite skeptical. I had read the user's guide and had already flipped through the nutrition plan and decided that Kyle should just watch the intro "how to bring it" DVD before we started. It was a good intro to the system and included some interviews with the dietitian that developed the eating plan and Tony Horton (the main guy behind p90x). Of course they did spend a little bit plugging their protein bars and workout recovery drink (I would have been shocked had they not) but they did really recommend that we do the fit test, which I was planning on just skipping.

So Kyle and I got ready to work out, took out beginning measurements and (with some coaxing) took before pictures. Now before you even ask we don't plan on posting any physical evidence until we have something to compare it to. (tough luck!) We took the fit test (damn you wall squat!!) and decided we had enough time to start the first workout, Chest and Back.


But I loved it and Kyle did to. I have always been a fan of hard workouts, because I really feel accomplished when I'm done (spinning anyone??) Tony is engaging, encouraging and pretty funny. The DVD was a 30 minute chest and back circuit that was repeated to make it an hour long workout. Push-ups, chin-ups, more push-ups & more push-ups and then, some chin-ups!! We were both sweating like crazy by the end of it but I was pumped and excited. I really liked working out with Kyle, sure we have gone to the gym together but we would always go our separate ways. It was nice to do it together, to push each other and to high five when we were through it. Afterward Kyle was filling in his worksheets and filling in the calendar with gusto, I guess I convinced him! I am looking forward to our next workout tomorrow, Pylometrics.


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