Sunday, September 19, 2010

p90x Update

So Kyle and I were doing really well with p90x for about a week and a half; then he found out he was leaving for two months, and I got sick. So naturally we kind of fell out of it.

I have every intention of jumping right back into it once I feel better. I think it would be fun for me to complete the first round while he is gone then when he gets back we can start fresh and I can do round 2 for myself and he'll start round 1 again. (Then I'd be able to go pull-ups right along with him)

Here is the schedule for next week (Starting Tuesday when Kyle set's sail and I'm 100% recovered **hopefully**)

-Tuesday- Yoga X
-Wednesday- Legs & Back
-Thursday - Kempo
-Friday- Chest & Back
-Saturday- Rest
-Sunday- Pylometrics

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