Thursday, September 16, 2010

So this hasn't exactly been the best week ever

I told you guys here that Kyle found out he needs to go to sea for a few weeks to finish a qualification for work. When he told me this last week the idea was that in mid October he would be gone for two or three weeks, most likely on a ship doing pre-deployment workups (meaning that they will sail off the coast of San Diego and do exercises). We would be already into the Escrow process for this house (and maybe even moved in) before he had to leave, so I was feeling O.K. about it.

At the beginning of the week he told me his boss was able to pull some strings for him and get him a spot on a ship that will be able to help him get the testing done he needs for his qualification. The catch is that this particular ship deploys next week and will be gone for at least six weeks. Since it is a deploying ship he has to stay aboard until they reach a port that he can fly out of. So he could be finished with all of the stuff he needs to do in let's say three weeks, he still has to wait until the ship docks in a port that he can fly home relatively easily, which could take another three weeks.

It is pretty much a certainty at this point that I will be going through this house buying process minus a husband. At first I was really overwhelmed by it but now that I have had a few days for the idea to sink in I have confidence that I can make this work. I defiantly had a Tim Gunn "make it work" moment haha.

Even though this hasn't exactly been "the best week ever" (unexpected sea time, laryngitis, and more work) at least we're almost at the end of it ;-)

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  1. You can definitely do it!! We bought our house when my husband was still in college five hours away. Besides him coming home the weekend of settlement, I took care of everything. Just remember, one step at a time!

    And BIG congrats on the house! :-)