Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long Run

Last week I went running with a few girlfriends from work down by the San Diego harbor. It was so much fun! It was the first time I ever went running with a group of people and I felt much more motivated than I do when I go by myself. For some reason the miles melt into each other when I have someone there to distract me. The breeze from the harbor was fantastic and there was so many people to watch while they are passing by.

I made it about 3 miles before the other girlies pooped out. :-) I felt great, ready to stop but I definitely could have kept going. I decided that night after Kyle came home that I would try my first long run that weekend with him down by the harbor again. He was up for it and I was excited!

That Saturday I laced up my sneaks and the hubby and I hit the street.

And I ran, and ran

I ran for 5.7 miles!

Mile Breakdown

1-3: Not bad, started at the convention center and ran down the pier. Kyle scaled two levels of stairs up and down around mile 2 (no thanks!) and I kept going. I kept around a 10 min mile pace.

4-5.7: had to walk for about 2 minutes before I kept going (note: it's INCREDIBLE how energized you feel after a short recovery walk, don't be ashamed if you need it. you just need to keep going after!!) At this point we had ran down the entire pier, though seaport village, onto the wharf and turned around to come back again. My mind started getting the better of me (quiet whispering "just stop, you don't need to keep going...just walk, it's ok) Not it's NOT. I have to keep going! I spent so much time arguing with myself that I didn't notice that we were already almost back to the Civic center. I checked my iphone

Distance 5.7 miles
Time 0:57:03

When I finally stopped (of course kyle wanted to keep going) I felt AH-MAZING! I couldn't believe that the previous day I crapped out after 3.2 miles and today I just almost doubled that! To be totally honest, I probably could have kept going (maybe...). It was incredible. I felt like I could do anything! I feel like physical proof that you can set your mind to something and do something incredible. All you need is a good pair of sneakers!

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