Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working with Soul

One of the lovely nurses I work with showed me an excerpt from one of the books given to her during nurses week; Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals. After reading it I wanted to share it with you all. In case you are thinking otherwise, although it is based around nursing, this pertains to ALL working professionals. I encourage you all to read this.

Working with Soul
 "The quality of our work is measures one interaction at a time. It's value is determined as much by how we work as it is by what we actually do. If our work is performed in a soul-less, mechanical way, it's quality is diminished, along with our experience. But, by creating a conscious intention of connecting with patients and co-workers, we enhance our experience, as well as the care we provide. The quality of our work improves.

All of us know colleagues who demonstrate a unique ability to make a lasting impact on those they serve. If they performed like robots with the intention of just getting the job done, they would not likely have left an impression.

People who infuse their work with soul give each person, with each interaction, a piece of themselves, and that piece enriches the lives of both giver and receiver. It would seem that if they kept giving and giving and giving of themselves, there would be nothing left.  Ironically, these people end the day feeling fulfilled, not empty. Those who work in this way are left with a feeling of accomplishment and a day well lived.

Many religious and spiritual beliefs are rooted in the notion that when we act with selflessness, we expand in energy and awareness. When we receive without giving, we actually contract. The Dead Sea, when thought of as a metaphor, illustrates this point. Typical lakes are teeming with marine life. This is only possible because of the continual inflow and outflow of nutrient rich rivers and streams. It's not just enough for there to be an inflow, there also much be an outflow to constantly renew the current environment and bring in new life. The Dead Sea, however, has no outflow, only the Jordan River feeds it, with no rivers or streams leaving it. As a result, it has no opporunity to "give away" it's water, the salt content of the sea is so high it cannot support life. 

Whether your work is in a cubicle, windowless office, lab, or bedside, our work is in and of itself, both necessary and valuable. Whatever your job, you are going to have an impact on the people around you and on your orginization as a whole. The question is what kind of impact do you want to have? How you perform your job presents you with the opportunity to transform it into an authentic expression of the desire to heal and contribute to a cohesive, supportive and productive environment. The people who work with soul motivate us and show us how to relate to on another and to our patients in welcoming ways. 

Today I will be aware of how I do my job. I will focus on how I can contribute to all with whom I come into contact. I will enjoy my work as I function with a soulful intention. "

I have a strong belief that you have a lot more control over your day than most people think, and it's all about attitude. The attitude you approach each work day with, and the attitude you display to your coworkers. It's your decision, but I encourage you to meditate on this subject, and the next time you're at work, as you coworker about their kids, compliment an outfit, smile and wave someone you don't know.

It makes an impact...believe me.

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