Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Camera Bag!

I was looking to get a new bag to handle my camera gear while I haul myself around this great county of ours in a few weeks. I have the camera "gig" bag that came with my original purchase (thank you Brian)

That's the one!

It's nice and it suits the job well. But it's not exactly built for travel. I used it last time I went to Rhode Island and it was incredibly bulky and awkward. There is very limited space for personal items (you know all of the womanly essentials; wallet, keys, cell phone, ipod, chapstick, other chapstick, lotion, compact, water bottle, snacks.....) which meant on the flight I had to carry a second bag for all of my other stuff. There is no way on God's green earth that I will check my camera equipment (esp since I don't even have that much) so I wanted to get a bag I could use for both purposes.

And this morning whist browsing I found this!
check it out here (I got it in red)

This will definitely do the job. Now if I could only have that mac powerbook sticking out of it in the picture...

I am really excited. I have two weddings and a graduation to go
to in the next two months to get some great shots!

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