Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey anybody enjoying the new Blogger design? The Editor works soooooooo much better than it used to. I have found it's more fun to edit my posts. I decided to celebrate it by changing up my blogger layout (again). I have been meaning to change it to a 2-column layout my post area could be bigger so I could showcase my pictures :-). I still need to change up the colors to match my header (mostly because i'm not motivated enough to make a new header...one thing at a time people)

Now that we know that Kyle and I are staying west side for the next three-ish years it makes me think even more seriously about my plans for Graduate School. I have made a promise to myself to get my MSN before I start having kids if at all possible. Now I have this window of 2-3 years where I won't have to deal with a move, where financially we are in a good enough place to not require my working full time and where the best nursing school in the country has a distance learning masters in the field I want.

Sounds tempting? I know...

I decided long ago that I wanted to teach at a college of nursing "when I grow up." I have been really drawn to perinatal (OB) nursing and I have been trying (although not as hard as I could) to get a L&D job for the last year and a half. I day dream about getting a job as a nurse educator on a L&D unit, educating patients and advocating for babies, teaching nurses to be even better nurses, move a unit to become Baby Friendly, being a clinical professor for OB rotations. I would L-O-V-E love it. I just need to get my foot in the door. This is the problem that really gets me thinking. Do I dare start this program without any OB experience yet? I plan on working during school and I KNOW I can get a job this year but do I want to wait until I get a year of staff nurse experience before I start school?

check it out if you want. 
University of Washington School of Nursing - Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Any thoughts?

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