Friday, May 21, 2010

We're not moving, or wait we are, or maybe not

The last 24 hours have been a blur of frustration, anger, tears, and overwhelming confusion. Kyle's time to transfer to his next duty station is coming up in September. I told him that I really would like to stay here for his next tour if at all possible since I am settled here and have good friends, a good job and it's Southern California, what's not to like? We talked together and compiled a list of his preferences for possible jobs putting San Diego as our chief preference and he submitted it to his detailer (the guy that assigned him his job). Then in true Navy Fashion we waited, and waited, and waited some more. The floods in TN didn't help matters since during that time the Navy central office where Kyle's detailer worked out of was flooded with about 2-3 feet of water.

When Kyle finally got word back yesterday the news was pretty bitter sweet. It was a job that would keep us in San Diego but it was on a ship type that Kyle really didn't want, doing a job he really wasn't interested in. We talked about the possibility of changing it and I was really hesitant, because I essentially had what I wanted because we were going to stay here. The thing that really made the decision even harder was the fact that Kyle needed to talk to his captain about it the next morning. So I had about an hour before I needed to decide whether to ask to stay here no matter what, or to roll the dice and see what we get. It was one of my first big challenges in my marriage. One of those times you parents tell you about; times in your marriage where you have to put your spouse before yourself. I didn't want Kyle to be unhappy, but I was terrified that we would be sent to a place that I wouldn't like; or even worse, abroad to a place where I couldn't work.

We talked about it for awhile after I got back from work last night and I spent most of the night just thinking and thinking about it. I decided that given the fact that this tour is less than two years and I didn't want this to be detrimental to Kyle's career progression I said let's chance it and see what we get.

Turns out that it worked out, well sort of.

Kyle got an opportunity to be a DIVO on a ship that is home-ported in San Diego. We get to stay here, and he got the job he wanted. We'll be here for the next two years so we decided we're definitely going to move out of our apartment to a bigger place.

The bad news....I actually have to accept the reality that's he's going to deploy again and the job he took will send him off for other training he wouldn't have to have done other wise. Guess it will just take some getting used to.

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  1. Good luck...sounds like a crazy path. Typical of the military!