Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running Recap

Today I went for my longer run for the week. I started the bridge to 10K a few weeks ago but I didn't even make it through the first day. I tried going back to the last few weeks of the C25K and work my way back up, but then I had a busy week and ended up not running at all! It's like I set myself up to fail. But then last week with Kyle I ran for almost an hour so what's up with that? How can I run for almost an hour one day and another day not even go for 20 minutes? It's really frustrating knowing that my body can do it, that I already have done it, just to be 25 minutes into a run and feeling like I'm dying. 

So I went into today's run with an authoritative stance over my own mind. I WILL DO IT AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK kind of attitude. It was HOT out and after about a mile and a half I was soaking though my shirt and feeling gross. Just as I thought 23 minutes into my run I wanted to quit (and I wasn't even half way done!). I decided to just keep going for the next run cycle (10 more minutes) if I could then see how I feel. "you're not getting the better of me little voice in my head!" after that I had 1 minute of walking, by this time I was out of my neighborhood and onto the property surrounding a local golf course. The minute was over in about 10 seconds and I was running again, my slower than ever. I was just about to die from the heat and from exhaustion that I saw that down the walk from me about 75 feet, the sprinklers were turned on! I ran right through them and the surge of energy I got was incredible and I was able to finish no problem

So what happens when I run Saturday and there are no sprinklers? :-)

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